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We provide you with the knowledge, skills, and training to make your business run efficiently.


Our strategic sourcing and IT procurement service can reduce non-labor IT costs by 15-20 percent.


Our Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) create proven, flexible and cost-effective infrastructure solutions


We work with your people, processes and infrastructure teams to help them quickly meet their technology goals.

Welcome to KKS InfoTech!

Founded in 2013 KKS INFOTECH LTD is an IT company that offers complete IT support services ranging from replacing a chip to building a complete network. We support small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK and Europe.

We have experienced individuals whose passion is IT, reliable and unusually accountable services to our clients.

Try KKS INFOTECH LTD, you will find difference. For any information please email us at

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  • Technical Consultation
  • Infrastructure Design & Implementation
  • Infrastructure support & Maintenance
  • User Support & Training
  • Security Services
  • Remote Working Solutions
  • Back-up & Business data recovery